Sepulchral Curse - A Birth In Death EP (CD Review)

01.Sepulchral Curse
02.Demonic Pestilence
03.Infernal Pyres
04.Torn To Shreds

Kari Kankaanpää (Vocals)
Jaakko Riihimäki (Guitar)
Tommi Ilmanen (Drums)
Niilas Nissilä (Bass)

Sepulchral Curse began forming in early 2013 as a few tracks, riffs and ideas, still without an actual line-up but the vision was clear: to create death metal in the vein of elder statesmen of the genre while pushing and exploring the boundaries of a backbone line-up of drums, vocals, a guitar and a bass.

Sepulchral Curse quickly started taking physical form and even more songs came about. While the members had to push back the initiation of the band all the way to early 2014, preparations were being made throughout 2013.
The band began rehearsing for studio and live performances in January 2014 with the line-up of Kari Kankaanpää (Solothus), Jaakko Riihimäki (ex-Dethera, ex-Devastracktor, ex-Gladenfold), Tommi Ilmanen (Gambanteinn, Urgamla, ex-Dethera) and Niilas Nissilä (ex-Urgamla).

During the spring of 2014 the band entered the studio to record their debut EP titled "A Birth in Death". It will be released by Greek Chaos and Hell Productions during August. Four songs of hellish and raw death metal fury!

OW my fucking ears! bloody hell this is one helluva noise!
Fast, aggressive, evil as any death metal vocal i have ever heard, screaming guitar solos loaded with riffs and just screaming hate!

Perhaps track 2 'Demonic Pestilence' will be a bit quieter?
Nope they just pile on the power for another amazing slab of real old school sounding death metal, and the same can be said of the last two as well.

Bloody hell this is good stuff!

Rating 10/10
For afns of: Canninibal Corpse, Dismember, Autopsy


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