Thursday, 5 February 2015

Vile Disgust - Love All The Pigs (CD Review)

01.How To Make A Girl Fart
02.Filthy Mums
03.My Dick Is Out Of Control
05.Dolly Booster
06.I Cum Acid
07.Love All The Pigs
08.Septic Tank Blues
11.I'm A Pornstar
12.Booze Enema
14.Piss On Me
15.Half Assed Blowjob

Stench (Guitar)
Söndör (Vocal)
Csapi (Bass)
Sicu (Drums)

Hungarian underground death metal meets goregrind band formed 2008.
And what do we have here? Well 15 very silly songs musically (did i say musically???) ranging from full on stupid as fuck speed drums and mindless distortion guitar to the occasional bouncy crust punk sounding tune (Tune???) and a few that lay somewhere in between.

The lyrics (Lyrics??) oink oink oink seems to be about the best i can come up with, various tempos and screech levels are thrown in for variety, but essentially its piggy grunts all the way.

Some of the songs (Songs??) have spoken or soundbite intros.

If they are a serious band then they have failed, if they are just having a laugh then is great success!
Your choice?

Rating either 0/10 OR 10/10
For fans of: Anal Cunt, Gut, Meat Shits

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