Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fetid Zombie - Grotesque Creation (CD Review)

01.Entombed Existence
(Vocals by Damian Herring of 'Horrendous/Acoustic guitar by Josh Fleischer of 'Svierg)

02.Into The Unknown
(Rhythm guitar by Josh Fleischer of Svierg/Vocals by Gothmog of Soulskinner)

03.Grotesque Creation
(Vocals by Necromayhem of Rotting Christ/Guitar by Toby Knapp of waxen)

04.Razor-Sharp Attack
(Vocals by Reaper of Crucified Mortals)

05.The Way Of Mortality
(Guitar solos by Toby Knapp of Waxen)

06.Utterance Of Doom (featuring Microcosm)
(Guitar solo by Michael Riddick of Yamatu)/"Microcosm" all instruments by Vorskaath of Zemial)

07.Death's Pallor
(Guitar solos by El of Soulskinner)/Vocals by Necroabyssious of Varathron/Vocals by Magus of Necromantia)

08.Morbid Premonition
(Vocals by Nyarlathotep of Swamp/Rhythm guitar by El of Soulskinner)

09.The Outstretched Hand Of Rotten Death
(Vocals & Guitar solo #1 by James Malone of Arsis/Guitar solo #2 by Toby Knapp of Waxen/keyboards by Michael Riddick of Yamatu)

Mark Riddick (Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming/keyboards)

Fetid Zombie is the blasphemous and death-obsessed, solo effort of reputable underground death metal illustrator Mark Riddick, created in January 2007.
Riddick is no stranger to underground metal,having his musical genesis in 1991 with Unearthed followed closely by Excrescent in 1992.
Riddick makes no apologies or compromises for his unique vision, offering a myriad of influences from hard rock/heavy metal to technical death metal.

With such an array of talented musicians helping here its surprisingly hard to distinguish there contibutions, such is the clarity and overall sound of this album each track sounds like it was produced by a top notch blackend death metal band who have been around for years.
A stunning mix of brutality blends well with occasional keyboards some excellent guitar solos and drum programming thats sounds as good as the real thing.
Each track has the distinctive growl vocals, even the guest vocals blend perfectly.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Soulskinner, Yamatu, Waxen, Svierg, Necromantia, Swamp, Zemial

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