Ymir's Blood - Blood Of The Ice Giant (CD Review)

01.High And Mighty
02.Sworn To The Sea
03.The Chosen Slain/We,the Bersrkr
04.Ritual For The Invocation Of Thunder
05.To Immortal Master Obscure
06.Witch Beast

Konsta (Vocals/Guitar)
Teppo (Bass)
Jesse (Drums)

Trio from Helsinki, formed in 2011 to play what they call "Beerbarian metal!"
Here's the blurb:
"Epicness in metal is becoming replaced by using ridiculous amounts of cheap synth pads, academically trained musicians playing fiddles and pipes and singing about dragons and midgets. Fuck that. YMIR'S BLOOD is all about the roots - making guitars, bass, vocals and drums sound epic and crushing like they did back in the days of the Metal Gods."

ell i have played through the tracks and i hear heavy metal in the style of say Manowar being covered by Amon Amarth, it does not set the world on fire nor does it harken back to the days of the metal gods, which in itself is a pretty stupid thing to say anyway.
So it's basically heavy metal with songs based of viking mythology and not "Viking Metal".

So tracks one to five, pretty average stuff, track six 'Witch Beast' not a bad tune at all, nine minutes long, starts with some crushing powerchords, doomy bass and drum patterns to match and then just bludgeons its way through the speakers, superb vocal delivery throughout.
Throw in some timing changes and this has classic NWOBHM/Proto doom band Witchfinder General written all over it, stick with this style, cut the attitude and we may just have a great 3 piece metal band worth taking notice of.

Rating 6/10
For fans of: 3 Inches Of Blood, Amon Amarth, Bathory


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