PEEP SHOW - Out For Blood (CD Review)

1.The Stand
2.Turn It Up
3.Out For Blood
4.Teenage Nightmare
5.Peep Show
6.Nice Night To Die
7.Take The Fall
8.I Want You
9.Until Its Gone
10.Cat Boy

Johnny Gunn - Vocals
Rusty Gill - Lead Guitar
Shell - Guitar
Kennii Black - Bass
Charlie Deville - Drums

Come on then be honest,outstanding British glam/sleaze/metal bands,how many??For me Girl (Sheer Greed LP), Wrathchild (Trash Queens EP) and King Lizard (Late Nite Dynamite EP), well i found another to add to the list...Edinburgh based 'Peep Show'.
While the songs have that typical glam feel with catchy guitar and lots of shout it out loud chorus', it also has great use of samples including george bush, which leads us on to the obvious industrial edge this has, think Ministry meets Deathstars.
'Out For Blood'is heavy as fuck and my clear fave here, the rest just kick's ass.
These guys need to get into London and start tearing it up.
There is just 1000 copies of this cd, but you can buy the tracks individually as well, both from the bands myspace.

Rating : 10/10

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