CAVALAR - As A Metal Of Fact (CD Review)

3.God Damned Rebel
5.Going For It!
6.New Empire
8.Blind Eye
9.Devil's Country
10.Born Like Fire
11.Watch Me From The Sky
12.Can The World Be Wrong?

Twitch - Vocals
Tadeu Dias - Lead Guitar
Marcus Ardanuy - Bass
Arnaldo Rogano - Drums

For an album that is actually 2 years old you might have thought that cavalar would release new material,but to be honest i bet most of you missed it first time round.
This re-issue now comes with better artwork,better production and better promotion thus making it easier to grab what is one of the best Hard rock albums you can buy.
Here we have 12 slabs of Black Sabbath influenced rock that retains originality and one that stands up play after play.
There are so many stand out tracks its hard to pick any one over another.
In one sentence its brilliant so buy it!
One single bad point, there is no track 13, on the original release there was a great cover of Sabbath's Hole In The Sky.
There has been a line up change since this was recorded and they will be entering the studio soon to record a new album to be released early next year.

Rating : 10/10

Get This If You Like : Black Sabbath,Trouble,Sheavy,Cathedral,Black Label Society.



Anonymous said…
great album!!!
The ones doing classic in 2008and not sounding like hippies from the 70's!!
better than 99% around. This band sounds awesome. Metal up.