SPITTING BLOOD - Control The Weak (CD Review)

1.Control The Weak
3.This Is My Time
4.Pedal To The Metal
5.Out For The Count
6.Behind The Machine
7.Blood On My Hands
8.Psychopathic Amnesiac
9.Surrendering To Faith
10.Spitting Blood

Chris 'Haggis' Holmes - Vocals
Judge Shredd - Lead Guitar
Tilman 'T' Wolfe-Moore - Bass
Reuben O'Donoghue - Drums

Kicking off with a warning from the police to disperse and vacuate the area,the album explodes into extreme drumming,powerchord heavy guitarwork,expert basswork and sampled keyboards.Each track seems to increase in its brutality in terms of drumming,it just drives each home like a nail in pinheads skull.
'Behind The Machine' is one of my fave tracks here along with the anthemic 'Betrayed' and as for the self titled track.. nasty nasty stuff and one for those who like it "when the red water comes out!".
I highly reccomend this to anyone who likes their metal "Heavy", its a great album for those who love drums.Many of the tracks have a Devildriver/Slipknot feel, just remove the melodic bits they throw in and the commercial elements and yep here's a band that their fans could grow to love.
Why have'nt the british press picked up on Spitting Blood ? Fuck knows too busy butt-licking emo crap and false metal like Trivium.
Now being stand up human beings they have made the whole album available to listen to, find it here : www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/211628

After you have listened to it go buy the bugger ! get it from the band with a T-Shirt from here : http://spittingblood.co.uk

Rating : 10/10

Get This If You Like : Devildriver,Slipknot,Bolt Thrower,Meshuggah.