Friday, 12 September 2008


1.Everybody Fucking Ready
2.Nemhain - Heroin Child
3.Lumps Of It
4.McQueen - Blinded
5.Ace Mafia - London Underground
6.Cousin Walter
7.Spit Like This - Sweet Transvestite
8.The Defiled - Permanent Reminder
9.Doreterna - Titanium Souls
10.Holy Hand Grenade Of Antehoc
11.Matron - Welcome To Hell
12.Pete & Dud On Adam & Eve
13.Exorium - I Choose To Oppose You
14.Three Headed Knight
15.Omen - We'll Bring The Blood
16.Viking Skull - Inject My Woman With Love
17.Vamps N Gyspies - Royally Wasted
18.George Carlin Bullshit Story
19.Forever Never - Break The Trend
20.Shaun Of The Dead
21.Ever Rest - Who Am I
22.Dollar Sent - The Love
23.Rebel Yell - 3 Doctors & A Scientist
24.Angtoria - Confide In Me
25.Jay's Rap
26.King Lizard - Never Be Mine

Running Time - 66.22
Format - Wma
Size - 46.2 mb
Bit Rate - 97 kbs

So here we are again another hour or so of music and foul language comedy clips, for your ipod/mp3 player.This show i chucked in a touch of Rockabilly from Rebel Yell just because i can :)
As always buy the cd's from the bands and go to the gigs.

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