Friday, 12 September 2008

NEWS @ 13


Adrian has now finished the last of the 'At The Gates' gigs and is back here in sunny London.Plans are being formulated for the upcoming release of their debut album 'From The Ashes' and a tour to promote it.So far 2 confirmed gigs are 14th of November at Bedford Park in Streatham supporting Theatre Des Vampires and on the 15th playing the very last gig ever at the Ruskin Arms as part of the Clive Aid weekend.


British thrash legends Virus are set to return after an 19 year abscence.Details are not clear yet but original guitarist Coke is joined by ex Tiberium and Doreterna drummer Dave Sherwood.The band's blend of thrash and punk tore up the uk in the late eighties producing 3 albums including the accepted genre classic 'Force Recon' in 1988.More info when i have it.

HERE'S 2 2 GO 2 !

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