Saturday, 27 September 2008


1.Hello My Little Friends
2.Viking Skull - Beers Drugs And Bitches
3.Jays Words Of Wisdom
4.Needleye - Hollow
5.GU Medicine - Taking Her Lead
6.Alice Through The Looking Glass (Dogma)
7.12 Ton Method - Crucify Me
9.Head On - Break The Walls Down
10.More Cousin Walter
11.B-Movie Vampires - Be One Of Us
12.Interlock - Rest
13.Stinkhole - Shit Storm
14.Revenge Is Very Sweet
15.Legions - Staring Into The Abyss
16.Cavalar - Hole In The Sky (Not On 2008 CD Reissue)
17.Blood Island Raiders - Rust
18.Matron - Ultimate Bones
19.Nemhain - From The Ashes (2007 Demo Version)
20.King Lizard Introduce Themselves
21.King Lizard - Hard To Get
22.Screw You Guys Im Going Home

Running Time - 62.20
Format - wma
Size - 43.4 mb
Bit Rate - 97 kbs
Third instalment,im going to keep doing this until somebody actually downloads one and leaves me a comment :)
Download and enjoy my usual mix of music and offensive comedy.
As always go to the gigs and if they have them buy the cd's from the bands!

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