SPIT LIKE THIS - Trick Or Mistreat (CD Review)

1.Trick Or Mistreat
2.Sweet Transvestite

Lord Zion - Vocals
Vickki Spit - Bass/Backing Vocals
Cyndi Rott - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Vile Gilez - Drums

Released on 20th October with the album 'We Wont Hurt You' released in November, this single is available in glorious Red Vinyl ! as well as less intresting formats of CD and Download.
Why the bloody hell is the A Side not Sweet Transvestite ?
Trick or Mistreat is an okay song, reminds me of the Damned's 'Grimley fiendish' for some reason, but that dont matter because it's the cover of the Rocky Horror Show classic that deserves all the attention here.
To put it simply its the best cover i have ever heard, close your eyes and you can see Tim Curry, Lord Zion does the perfect impression (Maybe MTV should get him to play Frank-N-Furter in their remake tv special next year) and at one point i thought they had Little Nell on backing vocals, its as camp as a dvd box set of carry on movies !
However i feel the chance was missed here to do a 4 track ep and they could have thrown in a couple more covers of RHS or a couple of their older songs to get out to a potential new audience which this release will almost certainly attract.

Rating : 09/10

Get This If You Like : Cramps,Frankenstein Drag Queens,Rocky Horror Show,Misfits.



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