Nangilima - The Dark Matter (CD Review)

01.Chemin Vers Le Neant
02.Stain Of A Broken Life
03.Crimson Shroud
04.The Link Of Reminiscence
05.The Dark Matter
06.Éternel Sommeil

Emilio (Vocals)
Nikolay (Guitar/Bass/Keyboards)
Khalvst Ov Mhurn (Keyboards/Drums)

Swedish doom band founded in January 2013 by Emilio (Ov Mhurn) and former member C.L (Eskapi).

'The Dark Matter' is their first album and is a concept based on a man who has learned that in a years time, he will no longer be around on this earth.
Heavily overwhelmed, he embarks on a mental journey, facing so many emotions that invade and corrode him. The album will go through four stages of emotion: Sorrow, rage, reminiscence, and finally, acceptance.

Starting with a piano driven, almost classical opening we then get four long well executed slabs of symphonic doom, the emphasis being on the symphonic, lots of beautiful keyboards and synths and some great guitar playing, not your ususal doom laden heavy drums and powerchord stuff, sure the vocals are the gruff style you tend to get these days, but overall it all creates a huge sound.
The final piece returns to the straight keyboard classical sound.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: November's Doom, Swallow the Sun, Saturnus, Grey Skies Fallen.