Atrum Tempestas - Neant (CD Review)

01.Quitter Ceux qui Etaient Deja Partis
03.Et Apres...Le Neant

Perttunen (Vocals/Instruments)
Kylmäaho (Vocals/Instruments)

Finnish duo formed the band in 2007 to create atmospheric black metal, Perttunen is also vocalist with another Finnish band 'Catamenia'

'Quitter Ceux qui Etaient Deja Partis' certainly has a mix of styles, starting with some near gothic guitar playing over a solid slow drum beat, it then changes to a much more melodic and laid back piece, then a bit of doom and then finally its all mixed together for some more obvious black metal complete with growl vocals.

Track two is 'S'eclipser' is more slow funeral doom than black metal, when not doing the growl vocal the clean vocal is borderline old school goth style.
When the music picks up a little speed it definatley gets that Triptykon vibe going.

Finally 'Et Apres...Le Neant' on this all too short album (should have been billed as an EP??).Pretty much same as before almost typical of the genre, cant help but think that with 11 minutes you could do more.

Rating 6/10
For fans of: Wolves In The Throne Room, Triptykon, Alcest


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