Premortal Breath - They (CD Review)

01.Your Ruin
02.Into The Light
03.Fuck My Brain
08.Bloody Baby Shower

Thomas Pettrich (Drums)
Sebastian Herbold (Guitar)
Tobias Eymer (Guitar)
Dominik Eymer (Bass)
Thomas Greulich (Vocals)

Formed in Germany in 2010 Tommy and Potti, they wanted to start a fresh-sounding, heavy, yet melodic metal band and the idea of Premortal Breath was born.

Still missing guitarists and a bassist, the two started their quest for fellow musicians. A first line-up was complemented by Armin (guitar) and Tobias (bass) and started working on new songs right away. In October 2010 the bunch entered the Beat-House Studio in Rauenberg/Germany where they recorded two of their songs (Mind over matter/Your ruin).

Still lacking a second guitarist Tobias switched from bass to guitar, a wise decision, as shortly after guitarist Armin left the band due to personal issues. Luckily a new bassist was found quite easily in Sebastian. Without intermission they continued to rehearse and push their songwriting, while looking for a second guitarist. Innumerable, fruitless auditions later guitarist David joined the band, being the missing piece. But shortly after the bands line-up changed once again, David left the band to pursue his own musical ideas.
The band being fed up with auditions Sebastian stepped up to the challenge and filled in as second guitarist. Recruiting a bassist was kind of a no-brainer, as first applicant Dominik convincedon all levels.
In 2014 they recorded this debut album in the “Logischdenker” recording studio that also mixed and mastered the songs.

'Your Ruin' kicks off with a mid paced almost sludgey sounding, thrash influenced, song.
Vocals are a tad harsh in places but they carry the song well enough.

A slightly more melodic guitar sound leads us 'Into The Light', excellent raw bass sound cuts through the mix well, nice solid drums hold it all together and the vocals are a good blend of harsh and melodic.

You know for some reason musicaly this next song, 'Fuck My Brain' reminds me of those early bay area thrash bands, this one has some heavy as hell riffs lurking, yet the whole song retains a great overall melodic feel and as the song ends it has some great headbanging thrash sounds.

'Pain' is quite a straight forward song, but then 'They' ups the level again, starts with some jazzy intro then moves into a more thrash sound, throw in a couple of timing changes and a big melodic chorus and another outstanding track.

'Pleasure' is a mid tempo rocker, good dual vocal delivery works well.The only thing missing from this song was a guitar solo, felt this one could have done with that.

Nice opening guitar and bass could be leading 'Trapped' into a heavy ballad perhaps?
Well no, but this one anages to stay heavy without adding any real speed, so sort of slow and melodic, but heavy and with a great catchy riff running throughout.

Finally 'Bloody Baby Shower', with a title like that might expect a little grindcore, didn't get it but that said this one is a very heavy almost technical metal sounding drum driven piece, one thing though the sample of the baby crying sounding like a lamb!

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Head On, Viking Skull, Hatebreed, Chimera, Lamb Of God


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