Slup - Dramatorgie (CD Review)

01.Kamasutra Prasat
02.Prst v klade
03.Stetka A Nater
04.Co Nekvete, To Nas Nesmete
05.S Mrtvolou V Mrazaku
06.Hoven Se Nezbavis
08.Mara Vyjezd
09.Husi Kuzicka
10.Nemel Sracky
11.Viva Lila
12.Chumeli krev Holubi

Jony (Drums)
Mira (vocals)
Mara (Guitar)

Second CD for the guttural groovy goregrind band from Czech Republic, with members from High Purity & ex. Mincing Fury.

Strange start for the first song with almost techno dance rhythms being knocked out, then of course the grind crashes in with its combination of blast beats, death grunts and slightly slower bits, all with a definate groove!

Next song is more in the thrash/groove style with some pig squeals thrown in.
Number three, is slower paced, almost crust/doom in delivery, after that its back to the grind!

Right so not a lot to say here really, apart from i dont understand the song titles and its sung in their native tongue, but the vibe is right so that dont matter, if this is your kinda thing then add this one to your collection.

Rating 7/10
For fans of:DEOAG, Spasm, Jig-Ai, Anal Cunt, Gut


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