Fleshworld, Gazers, Viscera - 3 Way Split (CD Review)

01.Fleshworld - Krąg                                               
02.Fleshworld - Petla
03.Fleshworld - Rezygnacja
04.Gazers - Rash
05.Gazers - The Decline
06.Gazers - Epilogue
07.Viscera/// - Versus
08.Viscera/// - Nobody's Diary

Unquiet Records present a unique limited edition (300 copies) 3 way split cd, each disc is handmade and comes in a special canvas sleeve, the label like to focus on werid, dark and heavy music.

Up first is Fleshworld, they are a "post-metal" band from Poland formed in 2010.
'Krag' may have shouty vocals, but the music is quite progressive and the use of a spoken sample works well.
'Petla' has a very quiet start before a huge bassline kicks in over the drums, the song remains rhythmic, only the overly agresssive vocals fit their chosen genre.
Guest vocals on 'Rezygnacja' by Alex and Victor from The Moth Gatherer means we get 3 people shouting over 9 minutes of slow, rhythmic and well executed music.


Next come Gazers the "post-hardcore/Screamo" band from France formed in 2012.
3 tracks of utter rubbish, pointless timing changes and endless screaming, no melody, no thought, just a noise.


Viscera/// describe themselves as "Psychedelic metal" and hail from Italy and formed way back in 2000.
'Versus' sounds more like a black metal song than "psychedelic", at times its slow and doom laden funeral doom over an evil sounding vocal, add to this blast beats and heavy riffs.
'Nobodys Diary' is a cover of a song by Yazoo, while the music is more mainstream and has a clean vocal to start with it then moves into the same black metal style, awesome!

For Fans Of: Isis, Envy, Norma Jean, Neurosis, Converge, Deathspell Omega


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