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Detente - Recognize No Authority Expanded Reissue (CD Review)

Disc One
02.Russian Roulette
03.It's Your Fate
04.Holy Wars
06.Shattered Illusions
07.Life Is Pain
08.Blood I Bleed
09.Widow's Walk
10.Vultures in the Sky
11.Blood I Bleed (Tiina Teal 2010)
12.Genocide (Tiina Teal 2010)

Disc Two
01.Shattered Illusions (Demo I 84)
02.Vultures In The Sky (Demo I 84)
03.Widows Walk (Demo II 84)
04.Holy Wars (Demo II 84)
05.Chemical Joy (Rehearsal 85)
06.Murder Inc (Live 05/12/85)
07.Diseased (Demo III 87)
08.Wasted Time (Demo III 87)
09.All That Remain (Demo III 87)
10.Red To Grey (Demo IV 89)
11.Coming Down (Demo IV 89)
12.Loves Death (Demo IV 89)

13.An Offering (Demo I 87)
14.Evil Within (Demo I 87)
15.Obituary Fear (Demo I 87)
16.Under The Influence (Demo II 88)
17.Law And Disorder (Demo II 88)
18.Who Can You Trust (Demo II 88)
19.Piece Of My Heart (Demo II 88)

Detente (Original Line Up)
Dawn Crosby (Vocals)
Ross Robinson (Guitar)
Steve Hochheiser (Bass)
Caleb Quinn (Guitar)
Dennis Butler (Drums)

Veronica Ross (Vocals)
Ross Robinson (Guitar)
Steve Hochheiser (Bass)
Caleb Quinn (Guitar)
Dave McClain (Drums)

Detente (2009 - 2015)
Tiina Teal (Vocals)
Dennis Butler(Drums)
Caleb Quinn (Guitar)
Steve Hochheiser (Bass)

Detente were part of the thrash/speed metal scene that came out of America in the early 1980's, female fronted they were in an exclusive group of bands alongside Znowhite and Bitch.
They formed in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. The group's original line-up included Dawn Crosby on vocals, Steve Hochheiser on bass, Dennis Butler on drums and Ross Robinson and Caleb Quinn on guitars.
Their first album, Recognize No Authority, was released on Metal Blade Records in 1986.Within days of the debut album's release, the supporting tour had to be cancelled when drummer and co-founder Dennis was severely burned in an industrial accident, resulting in more than three months of hospitalization.

Singer Dawn Crosby went on to form Fear of God, who were eventually signed to Warner Bros. Records. Ross Robinson later became a producer whose credits include Korn, Sepultura, Slipknot and many other top acts.

Dawn Crosby died in 1996 of liver failure associated with a history of alcohol and drug abuse.

In 1987 Detente reformed under the name of Catalepsy with vocalist Veronica Ross from Canada. With Veronica writing the lyrics and vocal melodies for the songs "Evil Within", "An Offering", "Obituary Fear", "Law and Disorder" "Who Can You Trust" and "Under the Influence". The demos, recorded at Baby O' Studios in Hollywood, California, climbed to the number one spot on the WVVX-FM Underground Radio. The band was set to release a new album titled Beyond the Threshold under a resigning of Metal Blade Records, however, the band members each went in new directions before the album was released.

In 2007 Detente reformed with Hellion vocalist Ann Boleyn, in 2009 she was replaced by  Tiina Teal and they continue to tour and release albums.

This 2 cd set includes the original album and demos and all the Catalepsy demos.

Starting with the original album, have to say its early speed meets proto thrash metal still sounds fresh, Crosby had one helluva voice, the music is clean and fresh sounding.
Intresting that the last 2 tracks with vocalist Tiina are included, vocally so very close but musically a tad more refined and slightly faster.

The demo disc is quite something as well, considering they are just "demos" the standard is high, the music is just bas good as the debut album.
While the quality of the 1987 demos is a little poor in places the music is different, more towards mainstream heavy metal, even an acoustic ballad with 'Diseased', an intresting progression.
The 1989 demos have an even worse sound quality, and the music seems to be trying to recapture their early sound yet trying to be something different at the same time.

The Catalepsy demos are fairly typical of late 80's post thrash bands, vocalist still sounds like crosby.

This is an excellent cd set, one not only for fans of the band but for fans of the thrash/speed genre and its roots.

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of: Bitch, Acid, Znowhite, Arch Enemy, Testament, Exodus

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