FLYTEONE - NEHULA (Free Download Album Review)

01.Night Vision
02.I Am Unicron (Transformers Remix)
04.Pussyhole (Remix)
05.Welcome To Flight One
06.It Died A Quiet Death (Remix)
07.Fucking Croissant
08.I Kissed A Girl (Remix)
09.Woo Ha (Remix)

Tim Storey (Keyboards/Sampler/Electronics)
Adam Ever (Vocals: It Died A Quiet Death)

Tim is better known to most of you as the drummer for the rock group 'From Great Height', perhaps less well known is that his love of all musical genre's from Black Metal to Dub and his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist and producer make him an undiscovered talent as well as an asset to his band.
So here is the first downloadable album of his original electronic compositions and a few clever remixes.

'Night Vision' was actually the first song Tim ever wrote in the electronic field.
Whilst the overall feel is calm, chilling with epic sweeps the loops and phased main keyboard is a little too prominent and takes away much of the harmony that lays behind the mix.Nevertheless an impressive start.

The second track 'I am Unicron' was created as a Christmas present for one of his close friends.
The care and attention to this piece is obvious, even down to the maticulas recreation of the original sounds from the cartoon Transformers of which Unicron was a character.
This is an epic track with a clear nod to Tangerine Dream, its epic qualities ring through the speakers as does the stunning piano playing that eventually leads into some hi-energy beats at the end.

Old skool dub is on the agenda next with 'Dubplate', Tim's attempts to convey happy times of hot summer days in London after the onslaught of rain and snow echo gently with its laid back rhythmic sounds, delicate string orchestration and light pulsing synths.

Dizzee Rascal's 'Pussyhole' gets the full Flyteone treatment with an inspired face paced remix that retains the rapping but totally destroys (in a good way!) the original musical backing.

Echoes of Brian Eno ambience bring the mix back to earth (or should that be up in the air?) with 'Welcome to Flight One'.
Just fasten your seatbelts, sit back and enjoy the ride, but hope that the pilot isnt listening to it because its seriously laid back!

Something of a gamble seems to have paid off with 'It Died a Quiet Death', as Tim said " Well, I thought I’d give remixing my own bands song a go,i tried hard to incorporate Pauls big bassline, mikey’s soloing over the chorus and verse, and of course Adam’s synth towards the end, to give it that extra epicness".
Adam's vocal delivery gives the song an almost menacing element and the use of electronics essentially creates an entirley new song when adding drum 'n' bass/dubstep themes.

The title itself is worthy of praise 'Fucking Croissant', this may be filed under generic Dubstep with its repetitive structure designed for DJ’s, yet at times it has a slow almost industrial mood.

Katy Perry's homage to lipstick lesbians 'I Kissed a Girl' is the next remix target and Tim claims to have not heard the original until after he completed his version.
Now that was clearly a big advantage here as he has turned an upbeat happy pop song in a darker, sleazier almost gothic song bringing to mind Marilyn Manson's take on Tainted Love and Madonna's Justify My Love.

'Woo-hah' the Busta Rhymes classic from 2007 get taken into the realms of Jungle and Drum 'n' Bass with high velocity rhythms and thumping bass to recreate the song for a whole new genre of fans.

To get your copy of the album for free download just go to:

Rating 8/10

For fans of: Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Ambient, Electronic, Dance Remixes

Such is the impact of Tim's work that he himself has since been remixed, you can find them here :


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