02.Lead The Way

Drew (Vocals)
Dany (Guitar)
Dan (Guitar)
W.R (Bass)
Nick (Drums)

So for the last 16 months Mercy House have been working hard, very hard, numerous gigs, 4 demo cd's, support slots to major bands like Hamlet, Vains Of Jenna and Biohazzard.
Their popularity caught the attention of Kerrang, and both Metal Hammer and Classic Rock magazines put one of their songs on a cover mount cd.
The band seemingly grow from strength to strength and have now arrived at their first official cd release and are to emabark on their first big uk tour in September.

The Ep along with other merch is available from :

The dark, brooding 'Greed' kicks off this EP with pure majestic power, it brings to mind Judas Priest's 'Touch Of Evil' with Zeppelinesque qualities, superb production brings out every instrument to perfection.
Drew's vocal delivery is reminicent of Chris Cornell doing an impression of Johnathan Davis, but has those trademark high notes that still makes Drew "THE" rock vocalist in the UK today.
The multi tracking and layering of the vocals and their various styles just adds to a superb piece of work.

That relentless wall of power continues into 'Lead The Way'starting off with a bass riff that would fit any decent Korn track, the song has an Audioslave vibe.
Part ballad part rock monster it is a song destined for american rock radio and a subsequent begging letter to come and tour.

Im not sure how they have managed to do it but the breathtaking 'Inversions' has now reached a level of brilliance beyond my ability to describe, in fact one of the lyrics,"you wont find the answers, they are too deep inscribed, deep within the maze that is your mind" just helps to illustrate my fail here on words.
The music is tighter, the little vocal effects added here and there, the cleaness of the guitars to such clarity that each note has its own purity, i mean its just fucking perfect!
There are few modern songs that have those elements of "classic" but this song will be around to entertain many future generations.

That this band remain unsigned and yet can produce an EP to such a level as to rival (if not surpass) any signed band with a huge budget is nothing short of criminal, this band have a right to be taken to the world stage and the ability to back it up all the way to the top.


Rating 10/10

For fans of: Audioslave, Helloween, Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Alice In Chains, Led Zeppelin


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