02.Bloodfire Colossus
03.The Pyromaniac

Elliot Beaver (Vocals)
Daniel Saunders (Guitar/Vocals)
Paul Nazarkardeh (Guitar)
Bobby Dennis (Bass)
Rhys Sinclair (Drums)
Vicki Thompson (Keyboards)

Formed in 2007 the band play an organised blend of music which they call "Epic Melodic Dragon Metal",taking influences primarily from metal but all across the musical spectrum and beyond to create an original sound.

'Bladewing' has a classic symphonic/black metal sound, some quite good guitarwork and harmony keyboards and a nice Maidenish guitar solo towards the end.
The vocals however clearly need work unless tasmanian devil is what was intended.

Now for 'Bloodfire Colossus' the vocal is much better, still shouty and more akin to hardcore than the symphonic background would normally be used to.
The timing changes are well executed and again the guitarwork shines through and it sets the right mood.

The epic metal elements are here with 'The Pyromaniac' at times reminescent of early cradle Of Filth, but it's that vocal style which still sits uncomfortably for me.
The breakdown with 3 different guitar solos is well put together and the way the drums kick back in is very good.

This cd is good, dont get me wrong, but i really think that the music deserves a better vocal approach, its too hardcore to do the music justice.
The band clearly have the ability to produce music of a high standard and it will be intresting to see what they produce next.


Rating 6/10

For fans of: Cradle Of Filth, Children Of Bodom, Mayhem


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Aidan Rutter said…
I saw them last night, and they definitely deserve more than what they're getting at the moment. After talking with the band at their merch store, they're having to give away their music just so the word can be spread. I would give their live show and 8/10