REVIEW of 'The Way we Feel' EP by Last Breath .

Track 1: Drive All Night

Track 2: Craze

Track 3: Break Your Heart (Taio Cruz cover)

Band Members:

James Parkinson(vox and guitar)
Tom Parkinson(guitar and vox)
Mike Croft(drums)
James Gradwell(bass)

Bio :

Last Breath are a four piece melodic rock band from Blackpool.
Their sound has been described as being full of 'catchy rock pop hooks and low tuned rock riffs'
and could be England's answer to Nickelback .

Their first track 'Drive All Night' is a catchy pop number that has a nice melody and a fairly decent guitar solo in there.
The harmonies are very good and the song has an overall Mc Fly /Busted feel to it .

'Craze' comes as quite a suprise given the younger typical'boy band' sound of the first track.
This one has a heavier adult classic rock sound to it and has some awesome riffs!!
Can definately hear Nickelback,Jovi, and maybe even a hint of Metallica in there !!!

The last track is a cover of the Taio Cruz smash hit 'Break your Heart',
although you get the impression that they've attempted to give it a different, more rock based sound ,
they haven't quite achieved it and basically the song sounds just the same which is a shame...
but it will still no doubt be a crowd pleaser and will get their fans singing along .

I think that these guys have got the potential to go far ,
they've got all the ingredients needed ie sound,talent,looks and image...
but the question for me is, in which direction will they choose to go ???
The good McFly/Busted style pop that would please a more younger audience especially teenage girls ??
will they produce more of the excellent adult orientated rock that would appeal to an even wider audience ??




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