Thursday, 1 January 2015

Chalice - Chalice EP (Cassette Review)

03.Merlin's Lament
04.Raise Your Chalice


Traditional heavy/doom metal band from the misty mountains of Vermont, there is little information on them, in fact i recieved none at all and their facebook page was no help either, still this is a limited edition cassette release of just 95 copies from the 'War On All Fronts' label.

Coming out with some pure NWOBHM sounding music on 'Witchfynder', solid riffs, pounding drums and some quality screaming vocals.

'Gaudete' is a mixture of neo pagan folk and NWOBHM doom, beautiful vocals really make this one something a bit special.

At 11 minutes 'Merlins Lament' starts with a slow and simple guitar strum, soon turning into another occult/folk song, the heavy side of things is more up to date, a crushing but melodic heavy metal workout that towards the end borderlines some proto thrash.

Finally a symphonic beginning greets 'Raise Your Chalice', this one is reminiscent of early 70's guitar lead rock blending the power of say Blackmore and the dual guitar sounds of early wishbone ash, then somehow ends up like Judas Priest.

Totally brilliant little EP, sure they are looking back for their influences but have produced a solid modern heavy metal record (err sorry tape).
One to look out for this year.

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Amulet, Blood Ceremony, Cathedral, Crystal Viper, The Oath


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