7H.Target - 0.00 Apocalypse (CD Review)

01.Mutants That Live for One Day
02.Gun-handed Iron Killer
03.Regeneration of Steel Organs
05.Cyborg Kombat
06.Meatball Machine Story

Mikhail Panfilov (Drums)
Aleksey Menshov (Guitars)
Konstantin Korolev (Bass)
Mirus (Vocals)

Essentially a project for Korolev and Panfilov created intheir home town Nizhny Novgorod in Russia back in 2011.
Described as the "new generation" of Death Metal. Earth-drilling mechanisms emanate from the scientific outpost in Russia. This is out to change the landscape of the genre. 'Wormed' tried to do that in the last decade but this is just on a different level altogether. Touted as the biggest release in the Russian underground, this album has three artists painting the elaborate futuristic concept of this band and the album '0.00 Apocalypse' has the original vocalist, Mirus, of the established band Katalepsy and Aleksey from 'Cremated Lives on guitar.

Yeh okay really? THIS is the "new generation" of Death Metal?
If seven hyper slabs of techno metal with a tin sounding snare drum and pig squeals for vocals is the future then i will stick to the past.

Does not have the industrial edge that would make futuristic death metal "new", like say taking Fear Factory and Meshuggah to the next level

So okay this is not a total disaster, much of the music (if you can get past the awful snare drum sound) is pretty good and the ideas have some weight, the pig squeal vocals can work in some trypes of extreme metal, but here they sound wrong.

Rating 4/10
For fans of: The Berzerker, Cattle Decapitation, Repulsion


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