J.B.O - Nur Die Besten Werden Alt (CD Review)

01.Vier Finger für ein Halleluja
02.Death Is Death
04.Sakradi, mei Sack is hi
06.Das Bier ist da zum Trinken
07.Schule aus
08.Der sechste Sinn
09.Was würde Jesus tun?
12.Die Waldfee
13.Und dann hörst du J.B.O.
15.Metal No.666
16.Die Antwort
18.Ein Zipfel vom Glück
19.Jung, dumm und besoffen

Hannes "G.Laber" Holzmann (Guitar/Vocals)
Vito C. (Guitar/Vocals)
Ralph Bach (Bass)
Wolfram Kellner (Drums)

J.B.O. was founded in 1989 by Vito C. and Hannes "G.Laber" Holzmann. The name, originally "James Blast Orchester", was meant as a parody of a German Easy-Listening act named "James Last Orchestra". They had their first concert in October '89 on a Newcomer-Festival in their hometown Erlangen, Bavaria. From the start meant as a comedy rock act the setlist consisted mostly of cover-versions of evergreens with new funny lyrics.

From a joke came a full time band playing hundreds of shows and releasing numerous cd's, they split in 2000 but put together a new line up a year later and continued, writing more original songs as well as parody songs of the rock classics.

This is their 10th album and the band are on a silver jubilee tour to promote 25 years of comic rock.

Right this ones gonna be a bugger to review, so here goes first one is funny coz the lyrics are in german then you hear "Heavy Metal" in english, musics kinda euro metal.

So 'Death Is Death' is a clever piss take version of 'Live Is Life' by pop group Opus.

Okay so after some talking then a song then some more talking we come to an inspired cover of 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' more Joan Jett than Megadeth, sounds silly!

Next up is a faithfull cover of 'Schools Out', always a good song to go with in any language, totally nailed that solo as well.

More talking then they ask 'What would Jesus do?' i have no idea coz i dont speak german, musics good and nice chorus backing vocals.

So this years German entry for eurovision is 'Mittelalter' manages to namecheck Justin Bieber and Harry Potter and throw in some flute and a sing a long that you dont know what the hell you are singing.

'Die Waldfee' seems to have a sample from 'Good, Bad & ugly' running through it alongside some country riffs, the song gets interrupted by a phone call half way through.

A short blast of Metal with 16 seconds of 'McDeath' is followed by a less than full metal onslaught with a parody of Lou Bega's 'Mambo No.5' retitled with new lyric as 'Metal No.666'.

After the upbeat pop/punk stylings of 'Jung, Dumm' there is silence followed by 20 seconds of talking, silly, pointless but fun.

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: Ten Masked Men, Black Sweden, GWAR, Steel Panther


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