Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dysphorian Breed - The Longing For The Tides Of Metamorphosis (CD Review)

01.The Tides
02.The Longing
03.The Metamorphosis

David Fredriksson (Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Programming)

Dysphorian Breed is a one man metal project from Sweden started only a few months ago by former black metal vocalist and multi instrumentalist David Fredriksson.
Influences range from funeral, sludge to gothic doom metal.

'The Tides' opens with some nice choral keyboard sounds over a simple down tempo guitar/bass/drum rhythm, it then slows slightly as the vocals come in, fairly typical gruff/demonic vocals.
The song does however throw some intresting timing changes into the mix, at one point we get to near break neck speed, then a funeral doom riff over more keyboard.

Though it could be said that 'The Longing' is simply more of the same, there is more keyboard work on offer here which helps to create a slightly symphonic feel, also some great double pedal drum work and a few fancy riffs go to make a bigger sounding song.

A very "Kraftwerk" sounding synth throughout 'The Metamorphosis' and i love it!
When the synth stops it turns into a dark and evil sounding black metal inspired doom workout.
Around the 4 minute mark the drums really pick up and for a minute i'm thinking this could explode into some full on black metal, however David resists and gets that awesome synth into play and the song soon sadly ends.

This is a brilliant debut and that it is a solo recording makes this even more impressive.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Reverend Bizarre, Thergothon, Triptykon, My Dying Bride, Shadow Of The Torturer

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