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Warlord (UK) - We Die As One (CD Review)

01.When Worlds Collide
02.Human Inner Core
03.Masses Gather In Masses
04.Insurgents Breed
05.Strength Defeats Decay
06.Last Of Our Legacy
07.Age Of Extreme
08.Knights Of The Godless
09.We Die As One
10.Remember Them

Mark Warlord White (Bass/Vocals)
Lee Foley (Guitar)
Brooksie (Guitar)
Kevin Bartlett (Drums)

Warlord UK, a Death/Thrash Metal band, were formed in Kings Norton, Birmingham in 1993 with original members Mark Warlord White, Mick Gorst and Andrew Stone.

This potent threesome, very early on in their career, managed to grab the attention of a national musical management company during a session in a local recording studio. Their ground shaking performance resulted in them being signed up before their 3 hour stint was over.

Neil Hutton joined the band on drums before taking up the sticks for Benediction, and was replaced by a huge personality in Neil Farrington. The band then enjoyed much success, supporting the likes of Napalm Death and At The Gates, not to mention numerous headlining slots at UK venues.

Their first album, Maximum Carnage, was released in 1996 and a European tour followed with Benediction, but due to the stresses and strains of full time employment and the lack of appetite for the Metal scene in the UK at the time Warlord decided to call it a day in 1998.

Ten years later, Mark and Neil felt ready to resume their Metal crusade, resulting in the resurrection of the Warlord UK name. Support slots with Napalm Death, Obituary and Evile ensued and headlining spots at Inferno Fest in Norway and Terrorizer Grindhouse have seen the Kings Norton war machine back at its best.

Neil left the band in August 2009, but alas in December 2010, Neil chose to leave this world, leaving many friends, loved ones and fans lamenting his loss. Warlord UK marked his passing with a set dedicated to him whilst supporting Napalm Death, a month later.

The present day Warlord UK's 4 piece line up with Mark Warlord White on bass, Daniel Brookes on guitar & Lee Foley on guitars. Kevin Bartlett is Warlords session drummer while Warlord seek a full time drummer.

Oh bloody hell another intro as a seperate track to start with, oh well here comes the first proper song 'Human Inner Core', slow n sludgey start, then when that drum kicks in at full speed this explodes, full on riff fest and deep growl vocal.

Doom meets Grindcore in a 7 minute epic called 'Masses Gather In Masses' great guitar riff again, really pounding, lots of layers in this one and some well placed samples, soon turns into a headbanging wall of sound.
Some pretty outstanding bass playing in the mix, great track.

Running at two different speeds 'Insurgents Breed' is dark and doom laden then bursts into life with some full on thrash.

Agressive hyper death metal follows with 'Strength Defeats Decay', its a relentless onslaught of power that just does not let up for a single second.

'Last Of Our Legacy' has a very quiet and melodic start which doesnt last very long before turning into another wall of sound, this continues with 'Age Of Extreme', more solid drum driven monsters.

That Doom/Sludge element returns to the opening of 'Knights Of The Godless' before once again going at full speed, this one reminds me of Venom's Welcome To Hell but twice as fast.

'we Die As One' has a punky guitar sound, the song itself has a 'bouncy' feel the simple chorus is one destined to be shouted out by everyone in the crowd when this is played live.
The final track 'Remember Them' is a strange little 2 minute instrumental with ghostly female vocal samples and some spoken passages.

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: Venom, Warfare, Naplam Death, Benediction, Iron Monkey, Raging Speedhorn

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