Lurking Evil - The Almighty Hoards Of The Undead (CD Review)

01.The Fog
02.Twins Of Evil
04.Blood Is Life
06.Pustulous Horde
07.Return Of The Blind Dead
09.The Dark Paths Of The Other Side
10.Rites Of The Deepest Horror
11.Witches Sabbath
12.Winds Of Solitude

Guldur (Drums)
Orlok (Vocals/Guitars/Bass)

Lurking Evil from Spain is naturally creating music that seems inspired by the bands that were instrumental in forming the Black Metal style. It's still essentially Thrash Metal, derived from classic bands like Venom, Hellhammer and Sodom.
It has that rare spite and underground appeal, without seeming contrived. It reeks of attitude and the music is relentless in delivering top-notch riffs and has a great tempo to boot. As the band puts it succinctly, "Take a beer and bang your head now fucker!"

And as there is fuck all information about the band from the record company pr people (aside from the above statement) who sent me this i have no idea who the duo are, cant even find a facebook page, so its old school black metal from a spanish duo, so should be fun.....?

Melodic intro? ahh but 'Twins Of Evil' gets things going with that classic sound from way back at the birth of Black Metal, fast with growling vocals and thats the pace until we come to 'Nightmare' a slower and darker song, blending near doom chords with proto thrash rhythms.

'The Dark Paths Of The Other Side' had an almost Iron Maiden guitar sound to open with, before it launches into some frantic guitar and drumming.

Sludge bass riff greets 'Rites Of The Deepest Horror' then launches into a dark and agressive piece very much Hellhammer inspired here.

Quite a mainstream heavy metal sound on 'Witches Sabbath' to start with then really gets that early speeed/thrash vibe going at 100mph!

We end with an slow, moody and atmospheric instrumental.

Really like this album, first half is straight forward in your face short blasts while the second half has a lot more to offer in terms of styles and music ability.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Venom, Mayhem, Hellhammer, Warfare, Discharge, Sodom


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