Winter Gate - Dis Illumination EP (CD Review)

01.Beyond The Light
02.A Wreath Of Mist
03.Death's Embrace

Devashish Dutt (Guitar/Vocals)
Krishanu Bora (Guitar)
Mandeep Yadav (Bass)
Sudeep Saxena (Drums)

Formed in 2008, Winter Gate, from the tourist city of Jaipur, India struggled with its music but overcame all odds to create classic Death Metal with soul and meaning. Finally in 2013, the band got signed to Transcending Obscurity India which gave Winter Gate shows around the country and much needed exposure.
In 2014, the band's only release was finally pressed on CD and distributed worldwide via the same label's network. The humble band from small-city origins is hopeful of leaving a mark around the world with its music that transcends boundaries and trends. Death Metal is capable of being expressed by one and all, each narrating a wistful tale of the turmoils of life.

Arghh, again with these bloody instrumental intros, okay not this bands fault as such, but bands come on stop it, get to the fucking music, tag your cute "intro" to the beginning of your first song and stop wasting Track 1 !

Right so we get to 'A Wreath Of Mist', this is not what i'd call death metal, this is at 11 minutes, a near progressive, melodic, thrash inspired song with gruff almost black metal style vocals full of sweeping guitar solos, over solid rhythmic drum patterns.
Towards the end the pace slows for a very laid back riff and some nice clean vocals.

'Deaths Embrace' at 12 minutes, is even more thrash in style, this one throws in more timing changes and different melodies.

Rating 8/10
For Fans Of: Obituary, Opeth, Emperor, Cephalic Carnage


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