Majestic Downfall & The Slow Death - Split Album (CD review)

Majestic Downfall
01.The Dark Lullaby

Jacobo Córdova (All instruments)

The Slow Death
04.Criticality Incident I
05.Criticality Incident II
06.People Like Me

Stuart Prickett (Guitar/keyboards/Vocals)
Mandy Andresen (Vocals/keyboards)
Gregg Williamson (Vocals)
Yonn McLaughlin (Drums)
Brett Campbell (Guitar)
Dan Garcia (Bass)

So split album means i have to mess with my usual layout for reviews, here goes..
Majestic Downfall

After playing for more than 10 years in Mexico´s ANTIQUA, a Death/Doom band that toured

all over the country. Jacobo decided to part ways with the band in august 2006 and form a new Doom Metal project that would be a One Man journey to recapture the feeling of the 90s European Doom Metal scene, while mixing it with some more modern Doom Metal overtones.

'The Dark Lullaby' mixes death metal vocal with doom/stoner guitar to create a 13 minute song laden with melodic riffs and doomy powerchords, the pace is quite upbeat for a doom song, the same applies to 'Renata'.

'Obsidian' at times is more full on death metal with frantic drumming and riffs over screaming vocals, the song has some nice breakdowns in the mix over some sludge chords.

Rating 8/10
For Fans Of: Wolvserpent, Serpetine Path, Dread Sovereign

The Slow Death

Australian band formed in 2007 by Stuart Prickett, Mandy Andresen (Ex Murkrat)and Gregg Williamson as a doom/death recording project. The first self titled cd was recorded and released in 2008 to good reviews. In 2010 Yonn Mclaughlin joined as drummer and the second album recordings began. 'II' was again, self released in April 2012. In November 2012 Dan Garcia and Brett Campbell joined the band, and writing of the 3rd album was completed.

Opening like an old Pink Floyd track 'Criticality Incident I' is a melodic prog epic, stunning and haunting vocals from Mandy, the drums keep the slow doom pace, matched by the solemn guitars, then this dark evil male vocal kicks in, after which the pace suddenly picks up to create some awesome prog metal sounds.

'Criticality Incident II' opts for a more traditional doom sound, but with some symphonic keyboards mixed in, again it is the vocals which really stand out.

'People Like Me' has a dark psychedelic/doom vibe, beautiful sounds come through the speakers, real quality from this band!

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of: Blood Ceremony, Purson, Coven, Cathedral, Bloody Hammers


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