Saturn - Ascending Live In Space (CD Review)

01.So, You Have Chosen Death
03.Over The Influence
06.Tower Of Terror
07.Last Man In Space

Oscar Bo Valentine Pehrson (Bass/Vocals/Organ)
Robin Tidebrink (Guitar/Vocals)
Linkan Lindgren (Guitar/Vocals)
Ted Carlsen (Drums)

Swedish prog rock band formed in 2012, intrestingly this album was originally available for free download when first released back in november 2013, within 7 months they had been signed by Lee Dorians Rise Above Records and now a full proper release.
Quite a rise from nowhere in a very short space of time, all i can say is this must be one helluva album!

Right from the start its obvious that these guys love 1970's hard rock, 'So You Have Chosen Death', elements of early Diamond Head mix with a blues/heavy sound.

'Rokkori' is like a homage to brit rockers UFO, the backing vocals and subtle use of keyboards really bring this one to life, some pretty awesome vocals here as well.

Up next is an 8 minute song called 'Over The Influence', very bluesy and the harmony between the guitar riff and vocal is perfectly balanced.Have to say the led zepp vibe on this one is obvious but far from a mere copy.

Pounding little riff and the vocal style makes 'Leadersheep' sound like something off of Judas Priests debut album, really has that sound and vocally a definate young Halford can be heard coming through the speakers, the same applies to 'Peasant' as well.

'Tower Of Terror' returns to that blues sound, which they do really well, love the way the song builds but then holds back, then at the end a short guitar solo, the song is clever in that it remains understated as opposed to going where you think it might.

Space rock intro followed by some outstanding bass riffs then 'Last Man In Space' bursts into a heavy beat for a while, then slows down, another brilliant solo and the vocals just cut right through the soul.

Ahh acoustic guitar, was waiting for that to appear, well 'Moonstone' has a folk influence and what sounds like a bagpipe in the background, an unusual way to end an otherwise outstanding album.

This is quite a clever album, i can see why Lee Dorain has picked this one up.
A well thought out nod to early Priest, Zeppelin and UFO, my only question is why do they call themselves "Prog" when they are clearly Hard Rock?

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of: (Early) Judas Priest, UFO, Led Zeppelin, Witchcraft


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