Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kissin Dynamite - Megalomania (CD Review)

02.Maniac Ball
03.VIP In Hell
06.God In You
07.Running Free
08.Legion Of The Legendary
09.The Final Dance
10.Ticket To Paradise

Hannes Braun (Vocals)
Jim Müller (Guitar)
Ande Braun (Guitar)
Steffen Haile (Bass)
Andreas Schnitzer (Drums)

German glam rock band formed back in 2006, since then, quite a bit has happened: With “Steel of Swabia” (2008), “Addicted to Metal” (2010) and “Money, Sex & Power” (2012), they have released 3 albums worldwide, celebrated chart success, played over 500 live shows all over Europe and Asia and has had numerous TV-appearances. At the time of their debut “Steel of Swabia”, the band members were no more than 15-16 years old.

Nothing wrong with the post Motley Crue sounds (with a euro dance beat twist of course) but some epic cheese with the lyrics, oh dear guys come on you aint 16 year olds anymore or Steel Panther.

A heavier feel to 'Maniac Ball' and a great vocal from Hannes, the lyrics are a bit better as well, an anthemic radio hit.

This one 'VIP In Hell' keeps that heavy anthemic sound going, great shout it out chorus and some frantic drumming and epic guitar solo all go together to make a great song.

Blimey this one 'Fireflies' sounds like some euro pop ballad, has a really horrible keyboard sound and to be honest im not one for rock ballads anyway and this doesn't really grab me.

Now 'Deadly' is more like it, has a sleazy sound the way good modern glam rock should, but it has an overall feel of a desmond child penned song, which may or may not be a good thing.Is it bad that i can imagine Ricky Martin singing this?

Really not getting the techo styled keyboard sound that keeps appearing in 'God In You' this one would be fine without it.

This is another poppy song, problem with 'Running Free' is that bloody disco beat drumming and funky bass, yep songs okay but these songs seem to be getting away from the 'Glam' tag.

That said 'Legion Of the Legendary' with its techno sounds mixed with anthemic rock does make a good song and that punch of the drum pedal does make up for that awful synth pulse.

So next song is 'The Final Dance' which is either going to be another dance song or ballad, kinda hope for neither but, ahh fuck it a bloody ballad!

Please let 'Ticket To Paradise' be a heavy glam song.... Well its got a good beat, more anthemic in sound again but still a bit radio friendly pop rock.

No this one did not live up to the hype, its a good solid pop rock album that would no doubt get tons of radio play in america, but it lacks any real Glam Rock credentials.

Rating 5/10
For Fans Of: Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Steel Panther, Europe

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