Chaos - Violent Redemption (CD Review)

01.Ungodly Hour
04.War Crime
06.Heaven's Gate
08.Merchant Of Death
09.Self Deliverance
10.Cyanide Salvation
11.Violent Redemption

Jaagaa Xplosion (Vocals)
Nikhil Wartooth (Guitar)
Vishnu Flycouncil (Bass)
Manu Krishnan (Drums)

Chaos from India, are reputed for the loud and heavy music that they've been playing since forming in 2004.
Known for their tight and aggressive performances live, the quartet garnered impressive reviews for their debut release, Violent Redemption. The music is fast and frenetic with the aggression not compromising the inspired quality of the musicianship that seeps out of every track. Takes one back to the early 80’s where a few bands were coming together in the Bay Area in San Francisco.

After a pointless intro a proper song, 'Torn' begins, very authentic early 80's Thrash/Speed, every instrument is played at full speed, the vocals shout it out loud and the guitar solo is screamingly perfect!

After some more of the same comes 'Saint' a slower paced powerchord heavy song, very reminiscent of Metallica but without the arrogance, and a nice bluesy solo towards the end.

'Heavens Gate' while musicially is still looking backwards, the songs structure is more up to date, some clever timing changes keep this song intresting and is by far the best track on the album.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Metallica, Exodus, Testament, Flotsam & Jetsam, Evile


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