Emeth - Aethyr (CD Review)

01.I Became Flesh And Dwelleth Amongst Thee
02.Exterminate The Vacillating
04.Der Einsam Wandler
05.Suffering Comes With Thy Name
06.Eidolons Of Ash
07.The Hour Of The Great Contempt
08.Wrath Upon The Cursed
09.Lama Sabachtani
10.Serpents Walk As If Human

Boris "el Bastardo" Cornelissen (Vocals)
Matías Dupont (Guitar)
Alan Rawson (Guitar)
Nico Veroeven (Drums)
Pat de Jonge (Bass)

Belgium deathmetal band Emeth surprised the metal world in 2008 with their mutinous opus “Telesis”. The combination of sheer brutality and technical insanity took Emeth to the elite level in the deathmetal scene. This resulted in tours throughout the US, Canada, Israel and Europe. Lot’s of festivals where destroyed and great venues ripped apart.

Due to several line up problems, Emeth disappeared of the grid for a while,founder Matías Dupont (ex Aborted, ex Agathocles) never stopped writing and in search for the perfect musicians he wrote the most brutal and sickest deathmetal to set foot on Belgian soil.

With vocalist Boris “el Bastardo” Cornelissen (ex Leng Tch’e) as their latest aquisition the band is ready to take over the extreme deathmetal scene.

Technical Death Metal, i hear a lot of it, usually its metal by numbers stuff, but this album has more to offer, yes the vocals are screamed and the speed and brutality are present but they have thought about their music, well structured songs and clever timing changes, in particular 'The Hour Of The Great Contempt' which has it all together in a perfect symphony of power.

Only the weird almost acoustic filler 'Lama Sabachtani' seems a bit pointless.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Anaal Nathrakh, Nile, Decapitated


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