DEOAG - Tour De Anal (CD Review)

01.Sexuální demokracie
04.Promenáda v srackách
05.Bambusový delo
06.Mrdna císlo jedna
07.Tour de anal
08.Rizky z obrízky
09.Rectal gates security
11.Úder údem
12.Vetry slecny Petry
15.Vylízání kundy, velikosti bundy
16.Výkup žaludu
17.Výkup žaludu
18.Má jí makrelovou
19.Flatv5 lupe
20.Wolverine blues

Wokatej (Vocals)
Burak (Drums)
MrDan (Guitar)
Jonda (Guitar)

Self styled gore grindhouse band from czech republic formed in 2012 and features members of Jig-Ai, Ahumado Granujo, Brutally Deceased and Eardelete, and this is album number three.

So 19 full on grindcore songs, speed is matched by agression and the vocals are "pig Squeal" on the whole, not sure if the words are grunted and screamed in english, czech or klingon, but then with this type of music it seems to not matter, this is about mood and the mood is smash yourself into the guy next to you whilst covered in beer!

Only track 20 'Wolverine Blues' a cover of the Entombed song has any real musical structure and they do the song well.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Anal Cunt, Lawnmower Deth, Cripple Bastard, SOB