Sam Haynes - Spine Chillers (CD Review)

01.Death Comes Creeping In
04.Spine Chillers
05.Grim Reaper
06.Halloween Twilight
07.Night Caller
08.Sinister Lullaby
09.Cemetery Gates (Remix)
10.Spirit Of Halloween
11.Pandemonium Carnival
12.Night Of The Ghouls
13.Pumpkin Carver
14.Hex (Soundtrack Mix)
15.Just Before Dawn
16.Silent Kill - Stories Of The Dead (Sam Haynes Remix)
17.The Other Side (Remix)
18.Halloween Night (Extended Remix)
19.A Haunted House Party
20.Night Of The Ghouls (No Zombies version)

Sam Haynes (All Instruments)

Not quite sure who Sam Haynes is in real life, but he began creating music a few years ago he describes his art as:

"The music is dark electronic soundtrack music, inspired by 70s and 80s horror movie themes. It is designed to sound retro but also modern with electronica and dubstep influences. My main aim is to create genuinely scary modern music that recreates the first time I heard these great soundtracks."

His first release was in 2012 and has already picked up a cult following and had some of his music used in independant horror films.
This year won a 'Frightee' award for best halloween song and has now unleashed this latest album with a few extra remix tracks added as a bonus.

While the first few tracks fall into the symphonic soundtrack style the first piece that stands out is the electronic synth and drum of 'Grim Reaper' with its definate overtones of John Carpenter.
Sticking with that retro synth does make for some great compositions especially when we come to 'Night Caller' complete with a symphonic chorus, this one really creates atmosphere.

The remix of 'cemetary Gates' is not an electronic take on the Pantera song as used in that Chucky horror film, but that said this could have been part of the movies soundtrack.

'Night Of The Ghouls' is the first to feature some sort of vocal, though this is just a sample of a news report on killing ghouls, the music is laid back and synth driven.

The whole album is a great mix of the two styles from electronica to symphonic, in reality it is the electronic ones that are easier to listen to as instrumentals as the ambient symphonic ones really are designed for the big screen.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Goblin, John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi, Midnight Syndicate, Axis Of Perdition



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