Lordi - Scare Force One (CD Review)

01.SCG7: Arm Your Doors And Cross Check
02.Scare Force One
03.How To Slice A Whore
04.Hell Sent In The Clowns
05.House Of Ghosts
06.Monster Is My Name
07.Cadaver Lover
08.Amen’s Lament To Ra II
09.Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein
10.The United Rocking Dead
11.She’s A Demon
12.Hella’s Kitchen
13.Sir, Mr.Presideath, Sir!

Mr.Lordi (Vocals)
Amen (Guitars)
Ox (Bass)
Hella (Keyboards)
Mana (Drums)

According to Mr. Lordi the material on the new record is more experimental than before. It’s not a theme or concept record, per se, but there is a red thread that runs through the songs.

”The overall sound of the band is more modern, too, and we’ve tried out some new tricks here and there. The basic Lordi building blocks are still present, so there’s no shortage of melodic hooks in the songs"

Lordi’s last two albums were made in Nashville under the watchful eye of legendary producer Michael Wagener. This time the band wanted to do it differently and recorded the album with Finnish veteran producer Mikko Karmila.

So another album and another intro which goes straight into the first song, so why set it out as track 1 in the first place??

'Scare Force One' doesn't exactly blow the speakers, its fairly typical Lordi, melodic middle of the road rock.

While 'How To Slice A Whore' may pick up the pace, the rough vocals grate and the music remains average.

The rest of the album goes nowhere at all, so much for wanting to make a "Different" album, only the single 'Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein' has any real merit with its take on Wednesday 13's horror rock.
This is not and will never be an album a brilliant as 'The Monster Show', strikes me that for all the talk they are doing what many bands do and just "do enough" to get by.
Scare Force One remains stuck on the runway with little chance of ever taking off.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Wednesday 13, Alice Cooper, Kiss, GWAR


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