Korzus - Legion (CD Review)

03.Six Seconds
06.Die Alone
07.Apparatus Belli
08.Time Has Come
10.Self Hate
11.Bleeding Pride
12.Devil’s Head

Heros Trench (Guitar)
Antonio Araujo (Guitar)
Marcello Pompeu (Vocals)
Dick Siebert (Bass)
Rodrigo Oliveira (Drums)

Brazilian Thrash metal band formed way back in 1983, went to to release numerous albums and toured the world many times.

By 2008 their original guitarist Golfetti left and this gave the band a chance to re-think what they were doing both in terms of musical direction and funding.
They later secured a deal with Jagermeister, making them the first band from Brazil on the Jager music roster.
Their album in 2010, 'Discipline Of Hate' was critically acclaimed as their best work to date.
This is their follow up album.

A solid modern thrash album, full of riffs and powerful drumming, vocals are shouted in the style of Tom Araya and to be honest the music is very Slayer like.
If i had to pick a stand out track it would be the seven minute 'Legion' with its simple acoustic intro to full on mid paced thrash.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Slayer, Testament, Evile, Sepultura, Death Angel


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