Internal Rot - Mental Hygiene (CD Review)

02.Blessed With Light
03.Bamboo Spine
04.Long Pig
05.Sex Everywhere
06.Mental Hygiene
07.True Remorse
08.Opened From Inside
09.Nose In Neck
11.Chalk Tooth
13.Lashed With Viscera
14.Teeth Eating
16.Head On A Stick
17.Morons, Infidels And Fools
18.Hodgkinson St.
19.Hit And Run
20.Riddled With Rage

Brad (Guitar)
Christoph (Drums)
Max (Vocals)

Australian grindcore band who Started out by accident in 2010, Internal Rot was born from a spontaneous jam between Brad of Super Fun Happy Slide and Christoph of the just-then-defunct Roskopp, Doubled Over and Trench Sisters, which yielded a surprising crop of ExTx style grind. They then recruited Max from Agents Of Abhorrence on vocals and quickly started playing shows and recorded a 7”. A year after forming they headed over to the U.S to play some shows in the northeast. Upon return to Australia the 7” was released by Crucificados and 625 Productions, home to their heroes Immortal Fate.

Right then, all songs under 2 minutes? - Check
A few under 30 seconds? - Check
Count a few songs in on the drums? - Check
Cant understand the singer? - Check
Blast Beats on kill mode? - Check
Super fuzzy and high speed riffs? - Check
Add one song that says 6 minutes to confuse everybody but most of the time is silent? - Check

This does excatly what you would both want and expect from grindcore, it pulls no clever twists does not pretend to be something "more than", its as pure as you could want.

Rating 9/10
for fans of: Anal Cunt, Locust, Early Napalm Death, Lawnmower Deth, Extreme Noise Terror


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