Sunday, 4 January 2015

Gypsy - Twisted Levity EP (CD Review)

01.Gimme Your Load
02.The Shoemaker
03.New Boy In Town
04.Turned Into Stone
05.Judgment Day

Soumalya Das (Guitar)
Soumya Basu (Bass)
Shibaji Bose (Drums)
Sankalan Samaddar (Vocals)
Swarnabha Gupta (Sitar)
Sayandip Pahari (Vocals)

From Kolkata in India, formed in may 2013, the band describe themselves as a hard rock meets glam metal band with a sitar player!

While 'Gimme Your Load' certainly has touches of the american glam style of early motley crue, it has to be said that this has more in common with mid 70's hard rock, endless riffs and some high pitched vocals, all with a radio friendly swagger.

I dectect some old Saxon riffs here on 'The Shoemaker' in fact the overall feel here is NWOBHM, then comes 'New Boy In Town' a funky little rocker that has some stunning and dirty sounding guitarwork thrown in over a great "live" sounding drum pattern, kinda Red Hot Chili Peppers style, except could that be a sitar solo through some f/x pedals? just WOW!

'Turned Into Stone' returns to the NWOBHM style of say Diamond Head, its a fast moving solid piece of classic rock.

Finally comes 'Judgement Day' (No pun intended), a slow melodic near ballad, this one builds then falls back to allow some john sykes style guitar work and then a sitar solo, it works well, just like jim sullivan did with his Lord Sitar crossover album way back in the late 1960's.

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: Classic Rock, Deep Purple, Diamond Head, NWOBHM

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