Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tanzwut - Freitag Der 13 (CD review)

01.Brot Und Spiele
02.Brüder Im Geiste
03.Freitag Der 13.
05.Die Zeit Heilt Alle Wunden
06.Ohne Sünde
07.Der Zeitdieb
08.Niemals Mehr
09.Des Teufels Braut
10.Vorbei Ist Vorbei
12.Bis Der Morgen Graut
13.Wenn Wir Untergehen

Mike "Teufel" Paulenz (Bagpipe/Vocals)
Der Zwilling (Bass/Bagpipe)
Thrymr (Bagpipe/Shawm)
Pyro (Bagpipe/Shawm)
Shumon (Percussion/Keyboards)
Oually (Percussion/Key Drum/Electronic Drums/Riesentara/Keyboard)
Martin Ukrasvan (Guitar/Bagpipe/Tromba Marina)
Rene (Guitar)

German band formed by Teufel in the mid 1990's. starting life as a ska/punk industrial metal band, having felt he had done all he could in that field he put togtehr a new line up featuring members of Corvus Corax in 2011 to add medieval instruments to his original hybrid and created a new sound.

Last may i reviewed their album 'Eselsmesse' and was very dissapointed and gave it 3/10 for what was essentially an album of pretty naff bagpipe music as opposed to the medieval/industrial mix it was promoted as, so here we go again another album, i wonder what this will be like?

Well 'Brot Und Spiele' certainly starts off well, nice dark spoken vocal intro over some pagan metal sounds, and yes it's good, basically this comes over as Rammstein with some folk undertones.

Those bagpipes are back in 'Bruder Im Geiste' but this time they dont dominate the song.

More dark Rammstein for 'Freitag Der 13.', slow brooding, punctuated with simple riffs and minimal keyboard and a little bagpipe, all makes for a great well balanced song.

It all keeps going well till the really naff ballad 'Niemals Mehr', so i shall ignore that one and say that the rest of the album is very good.

Rating 8/10
For Fans Of: Rammstein, Turisas, Black Messiah, Arkona

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