Saturday, 17 January 2015

Worselder - MMXIV EP (CD Review)

01.The Sickening
02.Home Of The Grave
03.The Haven

Guillaume (Vocals)
Mitch (Drums)
Yannick (Bass)
James (Guitar)
Yoric (Guitar)

French heavy/stoner styled band have now made their album 'Where We Come From' released in 2011 and this EP from late last year available for free download on their bandcamp page.
They are now recording their next album due out later this year.

An eastern tone to the music gives this quite a 70's feel, yet 'The Sickening' is totally in the now, at times its like early Monster Magnet with elements of black album era Metallica thrown in.
Great vocals and backing vocals bring to mind the dual sounds from Mushroomhead (without the rapping!).

'Home Of The Grave' well the opening guitar is pure Judas Priest's Victim Of Changes intro, even the vocals are more high pitched, then moves into more chugging mid tempo thrash chords and a few frantic timing changes.
All this is held together perfectly by some very impressive vocals once again.

Last track on this EP is 'The Haven', the more i listen to this i cant help but feel that they have such a clever mix of styles that this really is some kind of "Progressive-Neo Thrash-Fusion", it really does have all sorts of elements from just about every sub genre of heavy metal from the last 30 odd years.

So after this i listend to their old album from 2011 and you can see how they have move forward, though the album is still the same band its a lot rawer and at times more agressive, but i suggest that you go grab them both and then wait for the new album i have a feeling its going to be huge!

Rating 9/10
For Fans Of: Monster Magnet, Soundgarden, Metallica, Mushroomhead, Down, Devildriver

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