Saturday, 17 January 2015

Who Dies In Siberian Sludge & My Shameful - Split EP (CD Review)

01.The Tomb Of Kustodiev
02.And It Will Pass

By 'Who Dies In Siberian Slush' who are a funeral doom band from Moscow, formed back in 2003, initally as a one man project by "E.S" until a full line up in 2008.

E.S. (Vocals)
Flint (Guitar)
Gungrind (Guitar)
Cry (Bass)
L.K. (Trombone/Keyboards)
A.Z. (Flute)

Dual guitar playing, Flutes and Piano, wow what a start to 'The Tomb Of Kustodiev' then it just gets really heavy and slow with demonic growling vocals over drums and powerchords and that Trombone, i tell you this is quite something to listen too.

'And It Will Pass' is much more traditional funeral doom, again what makes this stand out from the rest is the use of the non traditional instruments, it simply creates another superb layer and some great phased guitar playing adds a nice tone.

This just leaves you wanting more!

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of: Cathedral, The Slow Death, Ulver, Blood Ceremony

03.The Land Of The Living

Last 2 songs by 'My Shameful' also a funeral doom band started as a two man group in 1999 and are now a three piece (though for some reason there are 4 in the promo picture!) and from Finland.

Sami Rautio (Vocals/Guitar)
Twist (Bass)
J├╝rgen Frohling (Drums)

By contrast from the first band 'The Land Of The Living' offers a more straight forward take on the genre, slow and painfull with a couple of breakdowns, this does exactly what you want from funeral doom.

Now 'Downwards' seems to add near gothic undertones to the mix with the guitar sound, musically the pace is slightly more "upbeat" (did i just say upbeat?), in fact this one tends to lean towards black metal in its overall sound.

Rating 10/10
For Fans Of: Triptykon, Dolorian, Wolvserpent, Doomed, Algoma

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