Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lykaion - Heavy Lullabies (CD Review)

01.Heavy Lullaby
02.For Love
04.I Don't Love you Anymore
07.End Of Time
08.Out Of My Heart
10.Accept Yourself
11.Till The End

Alessandro Sforza (Vocals/Guitar)
Fabio Valentini (Guitar)
Valerio Lippera (Bass)
Andrea Alberati (Drums)

Lykaion are an Italian Dark metal band formed back in 2000.Their style links to the interrupted project of '90s gothic metal bands, re-reading it in a unique way, including influences from new hard rock/sleaze Swedish sounds and the romantic/decadent vision of bands like Him, To Die For and Katatonia. "Heavy Lullabies" is the band's second album, and it represents a firm step forward compared to the debut album "Nothin' But Death".

I find it strange that the opening title track should be nothing more than a glorified 4 minute instrumental intro, and it is an intro as it goes right into track 2 'For Love' which is a way better way to start the album, but you cannot get away from the HIM influence here, it has the melody in both music and vocal delivery and then the heavier chorus, what lets this down is that awful shouting vocal that keeps appearing like one of those shitty post emo/hardcore bands.

'Anthem' is not "anthemic", but it is a way more agressive song than i was expecting, solid riffs over some powerful drumming and some sing-a-long melodys.

The ballad makes an unpleasent appearence next with 'I Dont Love You Anymore', shame really because the guitar solo is awesome.

The bass/drum patterns are very "Nu-Metal" in 'Waitin' and then adds some very quiet and melodic passsages which build quite well.

'Smile' is a slow and quiet song that has some great keyboards that just save this one.

The pace picks up with 'End Of Time' which returns to HIM territory, as does the next one 'Out Of My Heart'.

'Animals' is almost another ballad, but some good pedal work on the drums and excellent guitar solo lift this one just enough.

Unfortunatley 'Accept Yourself' is shouty metalcore crap for emo's.

'Till The End' seems to not be much better, again just conforms to music for scene kids.

Rating 6/10
For Fans Of: Emil Bulls, HIM, AFI, As I Lay Dying, Bring Me The Horizon

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