Friday, 9 January 2015

The Sitting Bull & Bullshitters - Still Undead (CD Review)

02.Soul Seeker
03.No Flowers On Gravestone
04.Rusty Leaf
05.Musical Sensation
07.Godforsaken Goddess
08.K-Town River Banks
09.Let It Flow
10.Cry For The Ocean

Matti Suhonen (Drums)
Antti Huopainen (Organ)
Ismo Laukkanen (Bass)
Antti Lauren (Guitar)
Markku Pihlaja (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar)

Somewhere in the south east of Finland, by the river of Kymi, this small town has during the past years gathered more and more superb bands. New and old at the same time, “The Sitting Bull And The Bullshitters” has risen his big and ugly head in Karhula music scene.
The album “Still Undead” was recorded with portable studio gears in many spots, here and there. The juicy and tasteful rock of “Still Undead” is mixture of 70´s oriented rock with tiny “progy” elements including big and nice choruses. A handful of gigs will be played after the release in Finland. …Bullshitters was formed by vocalist Markku Pihlaja, mainly remembered from bands Manitou and Kaihoro. Most of the band members are known from bands Manitou and Wolftrap.

Wow if ever an album proves that looking back is the way frward then this is it!
Just a stunning selection of melodic/hard rock songs, full of beautiful vocals, stunning keyboard playing and great guitars.
This is an album of 1970's classic rock perfection but with a modern edge.
Honestly hard to pick out any one track, though have to say there is a fantastic guitar solo on 'K-Town River Banks' like a mixture of Robin Trower and Gary Moore.

You know the one thing that lets the band down is their name, not gonna make fron cover of classic rock magazine with that.

Rating 9/10
For fans Of: Deep Purple, Cavalar, Saturn, Atomic Rooster, UFO, Bad Company

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