Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Various Artists - Let's Start A War Vol 1 (Cassette Review)

01.Bewitcher- Speed ‘Til You Bleed
02.Infernal Execrator- Daemonicult Patheosodomization
03.Infernal Execrator- Singatheos Regimentum Mastema
04.Phantasmal- The Reaper’s Forge
05.Terra Caput Mundi- We Are The Tank Crew
06.Bastardizer- Enforcers Of Evil
07.Seven Sisters- Onward They Ride
08.Wolfshead- Division Of The Damned
09.Angel Sword- Gamble Or Die
10.Angel Sword- Louder
11.Chalice - Witchfynder

"WAR ON ALL FRONTS is a print fanzine from Belfast, Northern Ireland which grew out of the ashes of the previous Northern Blaze zine in 2010. In early 2014 we unleashed the mammoth WOAF A.D.MMXIII edition which in 112 content-packed pages aimed to summate a whole year in the Metal underground via our in depth interview and review style (focussing on but not limiting itself to the Heavy, Speed, Doom, Black, Death, Thrash, Occult Rock and Crossover/Metalpunk sub-genres.)
In early 2015 they are seeking to top previous accomplishments with a retrospective of 2014, with even more writers and content than before and a challenging and unique approach to structuring interviews (influenced by, among other things, Plato’s dialogues and Gnostic mathematics) in order to break even more boundaries in the realm of Occult zinestry. Our multi-faceted approach will be complimented by the good cheer of our first time ever real-ale/craft beer section, and by a sombre dedication to humanity’s darkest hour on the centenary of The Great War 1914-1918.

For the first time as well WOAF is branching into releasing new music, firstly through Let’s Start A War... Vol. I compilation tape, which will be expanded with new bands and tracks for the covermount CD edition, and through further cassette and possibly vinyl releases on our new record label division. We are fighting a war- ON ALL FRONTS!"

Bewitcher are a duo from USA  featuring "Unholy Weaver Of Shadows & Incantations (guitars, vocals, drums) and Infernal Magus Of Nocturnal Alchemy (bass, drums)".
Seriously frantic punk/metal in the vein of Motorhead and Toxic Holocaust.
Infernal Execrator hail from Singapore and consist of Lord Ashir (guitars/vox), Shairan (guitars), Antichristo Xul (bass), Christslaughter (drums)".
They create an intresting mix of death and black metal and would appeal to fans of bands like Angelcorpse.

Phantasmal are another american duo clearly set in the ancient ways of 1980's blackend thrash metal.

Terra Caput Mundi are yet another duo, this one has a weird way of looking at things and a skull crunching sound to match.

Bastardizer from Austrailia offer Venom influenced Black and Thrash metal.

Seven Sisters from london feature Josh Winnard ex Wytch Hazel, this band continue to fly the flag for the resurgence of modern NWOBHM influenced bands, one for fans of Amulet.

Wolfshead are a Doom laden band from Finland in the style of Pentagram and Pagan Altar.

Angel Sword are also from Finland and take their influence from the likes of Tank and Tygers Of Pan Tang.

Finally Chalice, whose EP i reviewed last week, another old sounding band who play traditional 1970's style heavy metal

Rating 10/10

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