Avulsion Rupture - Áglæccræft (CD Review)

01.Apocalyptic Resonance
02.Fortress Of Desolation
03.Massacre At Fin Cop
04.Gibbet On The Moor
05.Coils Of Pain
06.Concocting Hallucinations
08.The Scucca
09.Universal Vortices

Paul Bobrucki (Vocals/All Instruments/Programming)

Formed in 2000 and from Nottinghamshire, the band recorded a seven track demo in 2001
entitled "1000 Weeping Souls", played several gigs with bands such as Evoke and Detrimentum and then in 2002 the band petered out and became no more.
In 2014 they band returned and recorded a brand new EP entitled "Blasphemous
Resurrection", which contained five tracks of aggressive Black/Death Metal.

This year it now seems to be a one man project, could be intresting....

This is raw, very raw, reminiscent of early demos by Mayhem and Darkthrone, but there are 2 things that spoil this, first of all the drum machine, problem is that it sounds like a drum machine and although that works fine in electronic music it has no place it primitive black metal, the second is the guitar which sounds like it has been plugged into a tape recorder, it has a tinny sound, no bass or reverb to give it some weight.

Okay so that said, what we have here is ten short slabs of well thought out, primitive, almost proto- black metal, its raw quality carries a basic sound that is about getting the music out there as opposed to the highly produced and often symphonic style we have become used to these days.

One to add to the collection for lovers of old school black metal, no frills, just pure power, maybe get a decent amp and a few pedals for the guitar and a real drummer for the next one?

Rating 8/10
For Fans Of : Mayhem, Darkthrone, Bathory, Burzum, Abruptum


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