Woebegone Obscured - Deathscape MMXIV (CD Review)

01.Deathscape MMXIV
02.Catharsis Of The Vessel
03.While Dreaming In The Ethereal Garden
04.Call From The Grave

D.Woe (Drums/Keyboards/Vocals)
Q.Woe (Guitar/Keyboards)
M.Woe (Guitar)
Andreas Tagmose Grønkjær (Fretless Bass/Cello)

Danish band formed in 1993, they play blackened funeral doom drenched in anguish and despair. As a band they strive to create an intense dark atmosphere of sorrow and melancholy on stage and in the studio.

'Deathscape MMXIV' has some intresting music going on, from jazz like guitar, gothic undertones, rhythmic metal, doom elements, you name it, it's in there.
What really makes this stand out is the dual vocals, the dark funeral style and this amazing harmony style, stunning!

If that wasn't enough t get you intrested they go and add even more into the 11 minute epic 'Catharsis Of The Vessel', this starts with an almost space/psychedelic vocal and backing music with more stunning vocals, the music builds and builds getting heavier with each crash of the drums, then the double pedal work gets into gear, then the riffs appear, just as it starts to reach speed, it slows right down and the dark vocals come in but then that other vocal style appears again, i tell you it is brilliant.

Up next is an "Ethereal" sounding acoustic neo folk piece, which is then followed by an evil sounding full on funeral doom song.

Finally 'Xavier' with it's acoustic intro leading us into a near gothic doom song that stays "atmospheric" throughout.

Rating 10/10
For fans Of: Atrum Tempestas, Aeternum (UK), My Dying Bride


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