Veld - Daemonic The Art Of Dantalian (CD Review)

01.The Sweet Sound Of Torment
02.World In Obscure
03.Constant Suffering
04.Endless Spiritual Paranoia
05.Lost But Never Forgotten
06.Merciless And The Innocents
07.Conquerors Of All Icons
08.Love Anguish Hate
09.In Eternal Waiting
10.Annihilation Of Divinity/Trust Upon Ignorance

Kirill Bobrik (Guitar/Vocals)
Tomasz Wawrzak (Bass)
Wojtek Slavinsky (Drums)

Polish death metal band formed in 1995 as V.E.L.D. Playing Thrash Metal, later Kirill quits and forms "Killry", whilst the rest of the band record and release "Time is Now".
Moving forward to 2001 and Kirill returns and the band make a slight change to their name but also move into Death Metal genre.

In 2002 they released "Infested With Rats Life" and support the Black Metal band Mayhem on tour.In 2003 there are line up changes and later begin work on a new album which is released in 2005 as "End Of All".
In 2007 they entered the studios to record a new album "Love - Anguish - Hate". After a recording of the album, on personal and musical disagreements, the group splits again.

Finally they regrouped and this is the result.

Surprising album this, a mixture of Blackend Death Metal with some technical thrown in, amid the well executed brutality are some intresting timing changes and the occasional shock with an acoustic piece to calm everything down.

The vocals are a bit shouty but the music is very clean and produced,  this allows each instrument to be heard is perfect balance and create the mood.

Rating 8/10
For fans of: Behometh, Dissection, Chaosanct, Spitting Blood


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