Ululate - Back to Cannibal World (CD Review)

01.Not Always Be Silent
02.Red Wine
03.Decease And Sadness
04.Anxiety of Mortality
07.Real Catastrophe
08.Song Dan Ping

Spectre (Vocals/All Instruments)

From Beijing, China a one man extreme metal project started in 2001 although there is a live full band line up.

'Not Always Be Silent' is way more than any one style, this song alone has funeral doom/death metal/thrash metal and black metal elements in it.
Nice to hear that all the instruments are real, no drum machines or samplers here.
Vocals are fairly typical of death metal growlers.

'Red Wine' is more of the same, 'Decease And Sadness' is however more intresting, a lot doomier and old school black metal, the other tracks on this album seem to fall in between those styles as well.

Okay so i have not said a lot really have i, but then sometimes less is more.

Rating 9/10
For fans of: Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone


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