Kouma - Brazillian Blowout (CD Review)

02.Nevada Breakdown
04.Pound Zero
05.Brazillian Blowout
06.Casse Brique

Damien Cluzel (Guitar)
Léo Dumont (Drums)
Romain Dugelay (Saxophone)

Kouma is a french power-trio with baritone saxophone, baritone guitar and drums. Kouma is a wild sound with low-pitched instruments and big riffs. Kouma is kind of an awesome hardcore band, with barbarian rhythms, adrenaline rushes, slanting ascents. Kouma is also the illicit crossing between a pony and a bear.

Mixing mathrock, noise and little reminiscent of protean jazz, these 3 chimera trainers are developing some raw and noisy free-rock sounds, using poly-rhythmical concepts to reach a certain trancestate.

If it wasnt for the very high tuning on the guitar and strange riffs played at the top end creating an unpleasent sound, then maybe this wouldnt be so bad, that and the fact i was expecting some intresting jazz/rock hybrid with plenty of saxophone thrown in to an avante garde mix fell somewhat short, there seemed to be little in the way of sax, maybe just the way they mixed it, i dont know.

Sure there is some clever stuff here, at times there are little blasts of pure extreme metal, so it ticks the weird box but its just the overall sound of the guitars that makes this awful to listen to.

So plenty of unusual timing signatures, not enough Saxophone!

Rating 5/10
For fans of: Faust, Enon, Sonic Youth, BEAK


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